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Thrilling Aussie Activities Your Mom Warned You About

14 Dec 2017

Clarice Sheng

Klook Travel Curator

Besides being home to adorable animals like koalas, kangaroos and wombats, Australia remains a hotspot for one of the world’s most thrilling and breathtaking activities. From land to sea, she’s got you covered!

If you have time for one last hurrah before the year ends, make that the sunny shores of the land Down Under! Here’s the Klook Team’s pick of adrenaline-filled activities guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

Skydiving from 14,000 feet above ground

Skydiving is #1 on everyone’s list and there is no other place to check this off then when you’re in the land downunder. With so many skydiving options available in the different states, you may wonder what’s so different about each? Well, it really depends on personal preference and here’s our #klookguide to choosing your unregrettable flight from the skies.

Ask yourself:

1. How much are you willing to pay? We know the cold truth - skydiving is not cheap, therefore, identifying your price range can help very much in narrowing the choice selection. Most trips cost between USD200 - USD400. #Klooktip: We recommend not going any lower than USD120 because as much as much as price matters, safety is extremely important - your life is worth more than a bargain.

2. What kind of scenery are you dying for? Yes, this is important! Are you looking forward to enjoying the cityscapes of modern Melbourne? Or, maybe the golden and blue hues of Wollongong Beach? Perhaps you’re more into the idea of exploring an island off the coast?

Our favourite remains to be the Green Island Skydiving Adventure where we dive from a height of 14,000 feet into the breathtaking rainforest and oceanic hues of the Great Barrier Reef. As a bonus, you also get to do a little snorkeling after your spectacular diving experience!

Flying to a different state? No problem! There are several skydiving options for you to choose from across the country.

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Float through the sky for 5-7 minutes and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Great Barrier Reef before landing back on solid ground.

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Go tandem skydiving in Melbourne at a choice of locations from Yarra Valley, the Great Ocean Road or near the city center

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Leap out into the sky and try to enjoy the view as you freefall at speeds up to 200 km/hr for up to 60 seconds across the beautiful Wollogong Beach.

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Take a flight in a Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloons seem to be harmless floating masses in the air, but it takes a whole lot of courage to step into that basket and be raised 5000 feet above ground. The activity in itself isn’t as risky as skydiving, but it definitely allows you to take in the spectacular sunrise like never before.

Here’s our #klookguide on how to prepare for your virgin hot air balloon flight!

1. Cover your ankles You’ll never know where your flight descends, it may very well so be the grassy lands protect those dear feet and ankles of yours.

2. Flexible Bottoms Getting in and out of the balloon basket is a test of flexibility, so pull on those stretchy jeans!

3. Clothing Depending on the weather, you might like to layer up in winter and slab on sunscreen during the summer.

Australia is famed for its beautiful coral reefs that has to be admired from all angles, so why not book a Hot Air Balloon Adventure that brings you on a beautiful journey as the sun rises in the horizon?

Here are other Hot Air Balloon Adventures you can check out too!

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Take off early in the morning for a chance to catch the sunrise and admire Australia’s unique landscape in the gentle morning light

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Take off early in the morning for a chance to catch the sunrise and admire Australia’s unique landscape in the gentle morning light

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After your early morning hot air balloon flight, hop on a high speed catamaran for 45 minutes as you journey across the Coral Sea to the beautiful Green Island.

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Jet into the air with the Hydroflight

Go on, Google search “hydroflight review” and you’ll be blasted with a string of excited comments. The Flyboard Extreme is an activity no adrenaline junkie should miss out on - it is absolutely essential to your “daredevil” status! You basically slip into the hydroflight device, standing on both feet and watch as powerjet streams blast you straight into the air - time to join the X-Men crew!

If you’re up for it, we challenge you to a 360 degrees spin!

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Playing with Crocodiles

Don’t you just love crocodiles? They are such adorable creatures…

klookfunfact Did you know the gender of an unborn crocodile is determined by the temperature of the egg?

It’s every daredevil’s dream to get up close and personal with these magnificent silent predators, but of course, with your life’s safety in mind. Australia is famous for their crocodile community and there are several cruises you can hop on and observe the daily muses of the Australian crocodiles. Trust us, the feeling of being stranded on a cruise with these creatures swimming around freely is really quite a thrill!

What i’m about to put out there is not for the faint hearted - take a step closer to these creatures with the Cage of Death, Australia’s only crocodile dive. Experience the excitement of sharing the very environment of a 5m Saltwater crocodile with only a plastic box between the both of you...

Here are some crocodile watching activities you can sign yourself up for if you're not ready for the Cage of Death.

Visit the Australia Zoo, a legacy of Steve Irwin - homw to Australia's most incredible wildlife! Be sure to check out the crocodile feeding show.

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The Adelaide River is home to over 1,600 crocodiles and while you cruise down the water, you will get to see these majestic prehistoric reptiles leap out for a tasty snack.

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Get to see the fascinating saltwater crocodiles with this full day cruise on the Proserpine River, home to over 150 saltwater crocodiles, and various birds, mammals, reptiles and more!

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Dancing with the Great White Sharks

Yes, we’re not done yet. After tackling the crocodiles, you need to ramp up that daredevil junkie in you because it’s time to SWIM WITH THE SHARKS.

We’ve seen countless movies with the great white shark circling its prey, are you ready to check out these spectacular creatures? Gear up in the best scuba diving suits, step into the metal cage and watch your back as you get lowered into the depths of the dark ocean.

Cage-diving with sharks are dangerous and therefore, you should only do it with the extremely experienced and reputable. In Australia, Calypso Star Charters is the ONLY place you can cage-dive with great white sharks because they are fully licensed by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Coasteering...say that again

Coasteering is definitely one of the most adrenaline pumping activity that brings you on an adventure like never before. Imagine bouldering, climbing and the next second, jumping off a cliff into the roaring waves along the rugged coastlines of Australia.

Explore the rocky trails, caves and wildlife that the land down under has to offer - only for the daredevil heart.

Give Cave Diving a Shot!

I know what you’re thinking.

Pfft, what’s so scary about scuba diving? I’ve done it a million times.

What if we tell you that diving down a black sinkhole is a whole other story. Take a trip down to the famed Kilsby Sinkhole where you’ll find yourself submerged in a 65 metre deep limestone sinkhole filled with crystal clear freshwater. Euphoria at its best.

Sinkhole diving, or cave diving is an extremely dangerous sport that requires specialised equipment and training. However, lucky for you, with an advanced diving certificate you’ll be able to explore till the depths of 30 metres. We think that’s pretty deep enough…

Not ready for cave diving yet? Fret not, surround yourself with the spectacular marine and coral life the Great Barrier Reef has to offer.

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Rap Jumping, what?

We bet that if you’re reading this article, you’ve already tried Abseiling. It’s time to take it a step further and experience Australian Repelling, coined as “Rap Jumping” by many.

The participant descends the vertical face down, and keeps their hands at the front of their body when braking - it’s sort of abseiling but forward-facing which makes it twice as freaky! The whole point of Rap Jumping is to move yourself downwards till you reach the pause mark and push yourself as hard as possible off the wall. That’s right, you’re as free as a bird as you free-fall your way towards the ground.

Time to fall face-first!

Canyoning is for the Daredevil

Daredevils, listen up! You cannot leave Australia without dropping by Tasmania to do a little canyoning.

If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it basically is white water rafting without the boat. You navigate your way down water-filled gorges where you’ll combine your skills of scrambling, abseiling, cliff jumping and swimming. It’s usually done in remote and mountainous areas where water has eroded and cut unusual patterns through the rocks and boulders. The environment is beautiful and should be attempted with a guide to ensure safety.

Adrenaline pumping enough for you?

Alternatively, you can hop by Cairns and explore the Crystal Cascades Waterfall. Psst it also includes an exhilarating zip line experience!

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Time to try Sand Boarding!

Sandboarding is a fun alternative to ocean surfing and extremely accessible in Australia! Visit these giant sand dunes with even just a boogie board because you’re gonna love the adrenaline rushing through your veins. If it’s your first time attempting to sandboard, begin with sitting on the board to get used to the motion before standing in a surf position.

Here are a couple of #klooktips to have the best exprience:

  1. Find a sliding spot with no debris, tree roots or other matter that will hinder your ride down
  2. Always walk a couple of metres away from your sliding path to avoid leaving footprints that will slow you down
  3. Ensure the sand and your board are dry at all times

Travel to Western Australia’s prime limestone desert - The Pinnacle and have a blast sand boarding down the dunes. Don’t forget to pop in for a delicious fish and chips lunch!

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Conquer Gold Coast

Gold Coast is the land of crazy thrill rides that continue to attract theme park enthusiasts worldwide. There are some pretty insane rides here that all daredevils should conquer such as Dreamworld’s Tower of Terror II, The Claw, Warner Brothers’ Movie World’s Arkham Asylum and DC Rivals Hyper Coaster.

The Tower of Terror II places you in a car that will blasts backwards rocketing guests out of a 206m tunnel at speed hitting up to 161 km/h in seven seconds flat. You’ll soar 100m into the atmosphere for several seconds of stomach-churning weightlessness at its peak before coming back to earth face first.

How exciting!

This is the easiest way to get from Sydney airport to the city centre. Get the ultimate flexibility as you can plan in advance or book up to a day before your flight lands.

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Spend a day in Dreamworld, one of the most popular and biggest theme parks in Australia!

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With the iVenture Card you will have a selection of over 100 popular attractions across the country

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