All You Need To Know About Hong Kong's Peak Tram

6 Dec 2017

Hew Lee Yee

Klook Travel Curator

Ride the Peak Tram to Hong Kong’s highest point

Victoria Peak, also known as The Peak, is one of Hong Kong’s biggest attractions. Many say a visit to Hong Kong isn’t complete without stopping to marvel at the view from the city’s highest point.

The fastest way to The Peak is by the retro Peak Tram. Learn what’s more to The Peak than just the view and also hacks on skipping the queue at the Peak Tram!

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About the Peak Tram

Built in 1888, the Peak Tram has hardly changed except for some necessary restoration, which adds more to the nostalgic effect of the tramway. There are 2 main stations of the Peak Tram Line, the Garden Road lower terminus in Central and the upper terminus at The Peak.

The Peak tram also passes 4 intermediate stations along the way - Kennedy Road, MacDonnell Road, May Road and Barker Road. The tram, however, doesn’t stop at these stations unless passengers have requested to stop at the push of the buttons either on the carriage or at the platform.

Ferrying passengers from the first station to the last station in just 7 minutes, Peak Tram is the fastest way to get from Central to The Peak. The tram is almost vertical at times, scaling a steep ascent of 396m and runs every 10 to 15 minutes from 7am till midnight.

Klook pro-tip: For the best, unobstructed views of the city on the way up, choose a seat on the right side of the tram! Another alternative is to stand at the back of the tram and enjoy the view out the back of the clear glass windows.


As one of Hong Kong’s most iconic experiences, it’s a given that it’s a popular spot amongst tourists and locals alike.

Hence, it’s common to see very long queues forming at station to get on the Peak Tram, especially on clear days. Don’t be surprised to find the queue snaking its way out of the building, up and around the corner, and sometimes even to across the street!

Weekends and public holidays are without a doubt always the busiest times. Do make sure to check Hong Kong’s public holidays when planning your visit.

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The busiest times during the day, on the other hand, are typically from 5pm onwards, with visitors heading up to catch the Symphony of Lights at 8pm. The lines also get busy on the way down from 8.30pm onwards.

If you’d like to avoid the huge crowd, your best bet would be to visit before 9am on a weekday during the off peak season. However, no fret, if your schedule doesn’t allow for that! We have some very handy tips and hacks on skipping the queue to share.

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How to get there

By Hong Kong MTR

Take MRT Island Line or Tsuen Wan Line, and get off at Central Station. Make your way to Exit J2 and up towards Garden Road. From there, it’s a 10-minute walk to the Peak Tram Garden Road station.

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Where to buy tickets

Tickets can be purchased at the Peak Tram main station, from single tickets to round trip tickets and combo passes at discounted rates. With the long queues, it might not be the best choice to buy your tickets on the spot.

You can also use your Octopus Card for the Peak Tram, bypassing the need to queue at the ticketing counter. However, the line itself to get on the tram is just as long, so during busy periods, using the Octopus Card won’t make that much of a big difference.

For the utmost convenience as well as the best deal, get your Peak Tram tickets from Klook. The Fast-Track combo allows you to skip the lines, avoiding the long waiting time. Besides that, you can rest assured knowing that you got the best deal!

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Each combo package comes with an exclusive special line entry with tour guide. Check out what each package entails, so you can pick the right one for yourself!

Skip the queue with Klook

Having to deal with hours of waiting and squeezing about with the crowd can be disheartening and ruin an otherwise incredible experience.

The simplest way for you to skip to queue at the peak tram is to purchase your tickets from Klook. With the combo ticket, you get VIP access to the front of the line. Aside from the Klook-dedicated queue, you also get to enjoy great discounts.

There will be a guide at Central MTR Station Exit K who will walk you to the Peak Tram station in Garden Road. Your guide will also get your tickets and escort you all the way to the front of the line, bypassing over an hour (or sometimes more) of queueing. You also get first dibs on the seats of the Peak Tram.

All the frustration of queueing, waiting and fighting the crowd - you can kiss all those goodbye!

Best vantage points

Sky Terrace 428

The highest viewing platform of the highest point on Hong Kong Island, the Sky Terrace 428 offers onlookers with a stunning, clear 360-degree panoramic view from the skyscrapers to Victoria Harbour and New Territories.

Located on the top floor of Peak Tower, it’s conveniently several levels above the upper Peak Tram station. Although there is an extra charge to get to Sky Terrace 428, if you purchase the Fast-Track Combo from Klook, you get to enjoy some savings!

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Lion’s Pavilion

Just to the left of Peak Tower, a short walk away is Lion’s Pavilion, a multi-level viewing platform, which is also a popular viewing point for tourists. Around the platform are benches where visitors can sit back and enjoy the view.

Since there is no entrance fee, don’t be surprised to find groups of travel buses stopping here. During peak hours, it can get pretty hectic with visitors hogging the best spots for photo ops.

The Peak Galleria Green Terrace

Across from Peak Tower is The Peak Galleria, a multi-level shopping complex with a free-entry observation deck on the Green Terrace. Even though the viewing platform is not as high as Sky Terrace 428, the Green Terrace on Level 3 offers an equally incredible view of Victoria Harbour and beyond.

The Green Terrace can also be rented for private events like outdoor parties, corporate functions, product launches, wedding banquets and more.

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Lugard Road lookout

Not as known as the other vantage points, the lookout point is a bit of a local’s secret. It’s along the Peak Circle Trail and requires a short hike. From the Peak Tower, head towards Lugard Road. Keep to your right along the path and after about 15 minutes, you’ll reach the Lugard Road lookout.

With an incredible panoramic view before your eyes, the short walk is well worth it. Best of all, it’s free of charge and you get your daily steps in!

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Dining with a view

For a uniquely Hong Kong experience, dine at one of the four signature restaurants in Peak Tower with the most incredible view of Victoria Harbour. Enjoy some perfectly charred pizza at Wildfire+ or the fresh, delicate sushi at Fujiyama Mama.

You can also dig into authentic Hong Kong cuisine in Lú Fēng with choices from all-day dim sum to signature wok-fried dishes in a 70s setting. Have a fuss-free dining experience when you get a meal combo package with your Peak Tram tickets from Klook.

Get yourself buckets of seafood prepared in all the best ways possible at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant & Market. Themed on the movie, Forrest Gump, the lively and fun ambiance makes it a joy to dine in.

Have a meal at one of these restaurants, wait till sunset and you’ll be treated with the spectacular display of Symphony of Lights in Victoria Harbour at 8pm daily. Dining at the Peak Tower sure is a thrill for all the senses.

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Peak Tower

The distinct bowl-shaped or wok-shaped of Peak Tower houses the upper terminal of the Peak Tram. It also serves as a leisure and shopping complex with an array of restaurants, shops and entertainment hubs.

This is where you will find Sky Terrace 428, arguably the best viewing spot of Victoria Peak. Besides that, it’s also home to other attractions like the 3D gallery and Madame Tussauds.

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The Peak Galleria

Opposite of the Peak Tower, you will find a shopping complex, The Peak Galleria. With a range of restaurants, shops and stores, you can grab a bite to eat or shop for clothes, cosmetics, specialty items, souvenirs and more.

When you’re there, make sure to also head to the observation deck on the Green Terrace. From there, you can admire the scenes of Victoria Harbour, Pok Fu Lam Reservoir and the South China Sea.

The Art of Chocolate Museum

Recently opened in May 2017, The Art of Chocolate Museum has an accumulative displays of 2,000kg worth of chocolate artwork. The museum features a number of chocolate sculptures like the Eiffel Tower, Tian Tan Big Buddha and the Peak Tram as well as cocoa-made paintings depicting the Victoria Harbour skyline.

Located in the Peak Galleria, you can purchase a combo package with your Peak Tram tickets from Klook for the best savings deal.

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The Peak Circle Trail

A favourite amongst the locals, especially runners and joggers, the Peak Circle Trail is a relatively easy 3.5km hike. Along the path is also a semi-secret lookout point that offers a view that can rival that of Sky Terrace 428.

From Peak Tower, head towards Lugard Road and keep to your right throughout the whole tree-shaded path. You’ll reach Harlech Road and that’ll eventually take you back to the Peak Tower, circling the Victoria Peak.

The whole walk can be achieved in 1 hour 30 minutes, or longer if you decide to slow down and enjoy the view. You can even start the walk backwards, 90 minutes before sunset. You’ll be able to catch scenes of afternoon light of Hong Kong’s South side and then come around to the North side and see the night view of the harbour.