10 #KlookApproved Tokyo Experiences We Dare You To Try

16 Nov 2017

Noelle Ong

Klook Travel Curator

Experiences for the ultimate Tokyo trip!


Tokyo - the land of the weird, the quirky and the wonderful. It’s safe to say most of us have travelled here some time in our life, but have we really experienced Tokyo?

Here at Klook, we’re all crazy about travelling and we’ve curated a list of iconic things you can only do when in Tokyo based on our own travels there! Be it having sushi for breakfast at 5am or hurtling by in a Guinness record holding roller coaster, you can’t say you’ve really been to Tokyo until you’ve done some of these #KlookApproved activities!

Visit an outdoor onsen in winter!

1. Mildred: Go skinny dipping in winter

Mildred from the performance marketing team loves to unwind with a good spa session!

If you’re looking for an authentic Onsen experience, head to one of Tokyo’s premier natural onsen theme parks- Oedo Onsen where you’ll be spoilt for choice with up to 13 varieties of baths. Try the incredible bath of silk, guaranteed to soothe those tired muscles for that extra luxurious experience.

If you’re planning to spend the whole day there but don’t want to get all wrinkly from staying in the water for too long, you can also stroll about in your yukata robes through the adjoining Hirokoji and Happakuyacho shopping malls.

Klook your Oedo-Onsen ticket and have the flexibility to visit any day since tickets are open-dated! Don’t forget to redeem your coupon at any of the redemption counters before heading there.

If you want to further upgrade your onsen experience, how about a winter onsen experience outdoors? Hidden up in a Mountain Valley, the Kita Onsen is definitely a hidden gem that you must experience for yourself.

Soak off in the warm mineral rich waters as you surround yourself with ice capped mountains.The hot spring swimming pool has a unique water slide that little ones will love as well! But, we can’t promise you won’t turn into a human popsicle upon coming out of the water!

Address: Japan, 〒325-0301 Tochigi Prefecture, Nasu District, Nasu, 大字湯本151

Photo Credit : http://kencantravel.com/2015-top-onsens-in-japan/

All you can drink sake!

2. Justin: Pit your sake drinking skills against a local

Klook’s best drinker and friendliest face Justin challenges you to some all you can drink sake!

The Japanese are known for their sake- the smooth Japanese rice wine that all of us know and love. Befriend a local and challenge them to a round of drinks. Be sure to yell “Kanpai” before taking a shot!

Klook yourself an all-you-can-drink sake to make new friends and sample over 100 different types of sake! There are 100 over different types of sake in Kurand Sake Market so you will definitely find one that you like.

The best part is, you can bring your own food, so grab some of your favorite snacks and share them with a local, after all, food is the best glue that brings people together! If you’re new to sake, have the friendly sake loving staff recommend you some brews.

Finish every last drop of ramen broth!

3. Sarah: Conquer your fears of eating alone

Are you someone who HATES eating alone? Well, Sarah, our partnerships and campaigns manager is too! But, some noodles are best eaten alone, especially the yummiest ones which really should not be shared.

Everyone has things they are afraid of, whether it’s the little things like eating alone in a restaurant or even bigger fears like roller coaster rides, we challenge you to get over those fears!

If you have a fear of eating alone, we have the PERFECT solution for you. In Japan, there are special booths for people eating alone to be shut out from the rest of the world and avoid those awkward stares. Head over to Ichiran Ramen for one of the best bowls of ramen you’ll ever taste, guaranteed to leave you slurping up every last drop of both.

Plus, if you make it to the end of the bowl, you’ll even get to see a Japanese phrase which translates to “ good to the last drop”.

Otherwise, unique to Tokyo, there is also another surefire way for you to eat alone without feeling lonely. The Robot Restaurant is guaranteed to keep you so entertained throughout the night, you won’t even realize you’re alone.

The sheer magnitude of flashing neon lights, mirrors, warrior girls, giant cobras and even dancing horses, you’ll be so overwhelmed with things to look at that you don’t even realize you’re alone. Prepare yourself for non stop laughter and excitement as you catch a glimpse of Japan’s bizarre culture.

P.S. If you Klook your tickets for the first performance, you’ll even get to enjoy 2 complimentary drinks! Otherwise, just flash your mobile e-voucher and get ready to be entertained!

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Dare you eat a poisonous fish?

4. Belle: Have a meal that could potentially kill you

Belle - Klook’s most adventurous foodie challenges you to try Tokyo’s most bizarre foods.

A huge part of Japan’s bizarre culture is definitely its food culture. We all know and love the usual Japanese favorites like tempura, ramen and sushi but, that’s not all there is to this culinary capital. Did you know that one of the most famous Japanese delicacies is actually Fugu- also known to most of us as the pufferfish!

Klook yourselves some fugu at Guenpin Fugu, the number one pufferfish chain in Tokyo for one of the most authentic fugu experiences! From freshly sliced pufferfish sashimi to blanching those slices in a hot pot, you’ll definitely find your favorite way to consume this poisonous fish.

Another bizarre Japanese delicacy that you can probably find in all supermarkets is natto. For the uninitiated, natto is a type of fermented soy bean that if you can get past the smell is really good for your health! If it’s your first time eating these slimy gooey beans, we recommend coupling it with a spoonful of rice since the taste can be pretty overwhelming.

Photo Credit : http://www.seriouseats.com/2017/07/obsessed-ann-yonetani-natto-nyrture.html

Hike up Japan's TALLEST mountain

5. Jonathan: Catch the sunset at the peak of Mount Fuji

Jonathan- Klook’s fittest body and resident hiker challenges you to hike up Mount Fuji.

Sometimes, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city is what we need to truly unwind. Tokyo’s tallest peak- Mount Fuji is just the place for that! Catch sights of this stunning Japanese mountain from the ropeway as you ascend up 2300 meters to the Fuji 5th station. Don’t forget to snap a photo of the Tori that’s immersed in the waters as you sail along Lake Ashi during your cruise ride!

Klook your Mount Fuji day trip and it’s all inclusive! From the ropeway ticket to the cruise and even hotel pickups, this is definitely the most hassle-free option!

While the Klook tour only takes you to 2300 meters up, further challenge yourself by hiking to the peak of Mount Fuji! While it is sure to be a terribly tedious trip, the views will surely be worth the journey! Challenge yourselves with the hike up to the peak and be rewarded with some of the best views of Japan.

Photo Credit : https://tokyocheapo.com/lifestyle/climbing-fuji-how-to-climb-japans-most-famous-mountain/

US$1.2 Million tuna?

6. Summer: Wake up at 4am for sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market

Klook’s resident foodie Summer challenges you to predict which Tuna will fetch the highest auction price!

If there is one thing you need to eat before leaving Japan, it’s definitely some sushi, and the best place to get some of the freshest fish is the Tsukiji market. If you’re an early bird, head to the Tsukiji market at 5am to catch the tuna auction, where the newest tuna record is a high of US1.2Million! Only 120 visitors are available daily so be sure to head there early to reserve your spot! We heard that people go as early as 3am to queue up to catch the action.

Photo Credit : https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/01/05/national/sushi-boss-wins-tsukiji-tuna-auction-at-giant-discount/

If you’re just there for the sushi, you’re in for a treat! The outer market is lined with sushi restaurants, and all of their fish is fresh from the market! One of the most popular choices is Sushi Dai! I mean, where else can you get a more authentic Omakase experience.

If you’ve never heard of Omakase, it’s actually a type of dining experience where the chefs decide what to serve, so there is no menu. From the fattiest tuna belly sushi ready to melt on your tongues to the rich and creamy sea urchin (uni), you can almost be sure that every single course will be delicious!

For a more hands on experience,why not try making the sushi yourself? Guided by a professional chef, learn the tricks of the trade and create your own sushi! Afterall, everything tastes better when you make it yourself. Klook yourselves the sushi making workshop at Tsukiji market and you’ll even get picked up from your hotel!

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Race down the streets all dressed up!

7. Jay Anne: Hop on the weirdest Japanese trends

The adventurous braveheart Jay Anne our graphic designer, challenges you to race your friends down the streets of Tokyo.

Many of us grew up playing animated racing video games, well now in Tokyo, you can live out those video games! Dress up as your favorite animated character and go karting in Akihabara with your squad. Take in the sights of Tokyo as you cruise on the streets of Tokyo in your go-kart, but beware of the paparazzi! With such unique costumes and automobiles, you’ll definitely be the center of attraction.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to operate the go karts, as long as you have a valid driver's license, upon Klooking your tickets, the staff will go through the rules of the road and how to operate the go karts before you set off!

Ready, get set, Klook!

Speaking of dressing up in costumes, if you’re not into dressing up but don’t mind watching other people dress up, head over to the Maid cafe in Tokyo! Japan is home to one of the biggest cosplay scenes in the world and no Japan experience would be complete without being a part of the experience.

Be waited on hand and foot as your waitress dressed in cosplay maid outfits welcome you to the cafe and show you to your seat. Watch energetic performances by the maids as you tuck into your almost-too cute to eat meals.

Klook yourselves the maid cafe experience and all you’ll need to do is head there with your mobile e-voucher and get served like a master!

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Put your guts to the test at Fuji Q!

8. Winston: Take on 2 Guinness record roller coasters at Fuji Q

Klook’s resident daredevil challenges you to not one but TWO guinness record breaking roller coasters!

When we think of amusement parks in Japan, usually Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan pop into our heads. But, If you love all adrenaline pumping rides, you’ll definitely need to head to Fuji Q! Home to the STEEPEST roller coaster in the world, after a ride on the Takabisha, all other coasters will feel like a walk in the park. Afterall, nothing screams youth like having unlimited amounts of energy and bouncing from one ride to another.

There is also the Guinness world record holder for the FASTEST accelerating roller coaster, the Doddonpa and the roller coaster with the most number of inversions in the world -14 in total mind you, the Eejanaika!

Of course, no ride to Fuji Q is complete without a ride on the over the top king of coasters- the Fujiyama! With a maximum speed of 130km/h, a drop of 70m and a maximum height of 79m, put those guts to the test as you take in the gorgeous sights of Mount Fuji along the way.

Klook your tickets to Fuji Q and it includes 1 day park admission as well as unlimited rides on all attractions as well as entrance to the Fujiyama museum.

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One of the BEST photo spots in Tokyo

9. Mabel: Improve your IG game at Tokyo Skytree

We all have that friend who posts really beautiful travel pictures that triggers the wanderlust in all of us. Well, Mabel, Klook’s very own social media manager, challenges you to take better pictures than she does at the Tokyo Skytree!

I’m sure as we scroll through our Instagram feeds on a daily basis, all of us have faced #Instagramenvy before. Well, we’ve found a surefire way for you to get some of the most amazing Instagram shots that will make you #goals.

Head up to the Tokyo Skytree for some of the BEST views of the city-guaranteed to give you great photos no matter what time of day! Come at sunset for a glorious backdrop to the concrete skyline or else come at night to see the city light up the dark skies.

P.S. If you’re looking to further level up your Instagram game, put on a Kimono for the juxtaposition of traditional against the modern capital skyline.

Did we also mention that one of the best kept secrets near the Tokyo Skytree is the ALL YOU CAN DRINK BEER at the Tokyo Skytree town? Nothing beats sitting down with an ice cold beer while taking in the city lights and of course the views of the Tokyo Skytree from 30 floors up.

Klook your all you can drink experience and it’s all inclusive! Apart from all that beer you can also pick some finger food to munch on! Even if you’re not a fan of beer, you can also opt for all you can drink cocktails, whiskies, wines by the glass and non-alcoholic beverages!

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10 different flavors of popcorn!

  1. Hannah: Try every popcorn flavour available at Tokyo Disneyland

Klook’s junk food addict, Hannah, challenges you to try ALL the different popcorn flavors available at Tokyo Disneyland!

Nothing says a day out to an amusement park and adolescent years like binging on junk foods while waiting for your turn on the rides and feeding off that sugar rush. Well, unique to Tokyo Disneyland is the huge variety of popcorn flavors for every fussy taste buds out there. From the usual favorites like caramel and salt to funky flavors like curry and soy sauce and butter, we challenge you to try all 10 flavors available at the park!

Photo Credit : https://elysseapplebaum.com/2017/03/27/fomoojpb-fear-of-missing-out-on-japanese-popcorn-buckets/

I’m sure all of us grew up listening to fairy tales of Snow White and hence learnt not to ever accept food from strangers. Before the next hectic year begins again, relive your favorite childhood fairy tales at Tokyo Disneyland!

There are 2 MUST TRY rides unique to Tokyo Disneyland - Pooh’s Hunny Hunt and Monster’s Inc. Ride & Go Seek! While these might have a slightly longer queue, they are definitely worth the wait. Of course, you also must stay for the parade, after all, the Disneyland experience is not complete if you don’t witness the extravagant parade and the spectacular fireworks show for yourself. The nighttime parade-Electric Parade Dreamlights unique to Tokyo Disneyland will definitely leave you with a night you won’t soon be forgetting!

Klook your tickets to Tokyo Disneyland and you can enter either Disneyland OR DisneySea! Plus, tickets are open dated so the wet weather definitely won’t rain on your parade! If you do plan on heading to DisneySea, don’t forget to try the 10 different popcorn flavors there too!

Photo Credit : http://www.tdrfan.com/tdl/fantasyland/poohshunnyhunt/

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Tokyo Essentials

Now that you’ve got all your activities all sorted out, getting around Tokyo can be quite confusing with the plentitude of subway lines. The last thing you’d want is to have to buy a ticket every time you want to take a train. We suggest getting a Tokyo Subway Pass for unlimited travels on the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines for the ultimate hassle-free experience.

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If you’re planning to head to other Japanese cities as well, then the Japan Rail Pass is definitely the more convenient option for you! With unlimited travels on any JR lines, you’ll be able to get to cities like Osaka and Kyoto conveniently!

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Don’t forget to Klook yourselves a pocket WiFi device to stay connected with your loved ones and also to capture those Instagram worthy moments!

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