10 Challenges In Korea That Prove You're Not A Basic Tourist

15 Nov 2017

Hew Lee Yee

Klook Travel Curator

Klook challenges you to the most memorable Korea trip!

How many times have you looked at your frenemy’s holiday photos on Facebook and rolled your eyes at the typical touristy things they’ve done?

We can’t possibly allow you to be as basic as that, so here’s a curated list of mini challenges and things you can do in Korea that’ll set you apart from others like the special snowflake that you are!

1. Lurk around outside your KPop idols’ HQ in hopes for a short glimpse of them

This is it. You’re in Korea, in the same country and breathing the same air as your favourite KPop idols. It seems like a wasted opportunity if you don’t at least try to see your idols in person by stalking their HQ! Stalking isn’t illegal in Korea, right?

Step-up challenge: Fret not if you can’t lay eyes on them, you can still go through their trash! I mean, who wouldn’t wanna know Taecyeon’s favourite type of ramen?

Hardcore fans would know there’s a Dunkin Donuts opposite JYP Ent that's perfect for camping out at. Hopefully with the closer proximity, your chances of meeting them increases! Remind us again why can’t these KPop idols’ HQs be actual attraction sites?

2. Get an epic selfie with the friendly giraffes of Everland

It’s a given that when you’re in Everland, one of South Korea’s biggest theme parks, you’ll be racing towards the adrenaline-pumping thrill rides. With 5 international-themed zones, you’re spoilt with choices.

After all the adrenaline-chasing, you can take it slow at the animal safari and petting zoo. Say hi to the gentle giraffes of Everland in the Lost Valley tour, and take a selfie with them! It might not be easy and you might only get a photo of your face with their necks, but hey, A for effort!

Step-up challenge: Get even more up close and personal and pull a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ when feeding the giraffe. Make sure to get it on camera, of course!

Photo Credit: https://littlelesslittle.wordpress.com/2016/03/18/travel-journal-part-4-seoul-this-is-korea-everland-safari-myeongdong-dog-cafe/

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3. Have a photo contest with your friends at Jeju Loveland

Now this is one theme park you’ll visit that is REALLY like no other! With an entrance age restriction, it’s hard not to see why. Upon entry, you’re met with sculptures of people in various sexual positions, some more risqué than others.

Google the photos of the theme park at your own discretion! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

There are also some more subtle works of art on display that leaves something to your imagination. You can have a fun challenge with your friends or significant other to see who can take the most outrageous photos!

Even if nobody comes out a winner, you’re all left with some pretty interesting materials for your holiday photo album.

Photo Credit: http://kr.geoview.info/jejulovelandpark,40513263p

4. Be the ultimate #squadgoals while dressed in hanbok

Pssh, friends who match outfits for photos are so passé! Clearly, themed outfits like the traditional Korean hanbok is the supreme.

So, get your squat poses on the most epic photo that’ll be the envy of other squads on Instagram! #squatgoals #squatgoals #myfriendsarebetterthanyours #mysquadisbetterthanyours #friesbeforeguys #brosbeforehoes

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5. Or step up your dress up game even further in a school uniform!

It’s time to fulfill that high school K-Drama fantasy you’ve always had! Rent your own Korean school uniform and explore Seoul dressed as a high schooler. Your photos are going to be aesthetic goals!

This experience is even better if you’re travelling with your significant other, or should we say #seoulmate!

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6. Feel the wriggle as you eat a live octopus!

Usually presented live, chopped up and served before you, this local delicacy is not for the faint of heart! As you chew, you can feel the suction cups from the tentacles grasping onto your teeth and tongue.

Although already technically dead when served, the tentacles continue to wriggle and squirm about. The suction cups, though, are still very much working. To avoid the tentacles from latching onto your throat, remember to just keep chewing like your life depended on it!

Step-up challenge: If that isn’t unnerving enough for you, pop a whole live baby octopus!

Once you get over the fear and the thought of it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good it actually tastes. Now, is this a killer meal or what?

7. Recreate the cheesy Winter Sonata moment in Nami Island

You’ve probably secretly fantasized about your romantic kiss-in-rain moment with your crush more times than you’d like to admit. It’s okay, we all do it!

We challenge you to take the cheesiness up a few notches and recreate your own Winter Sonata moment for the camera. If you’re in the #foreveralone gang, nothing wrong to grab a friend to do it with you instead!

Step-up challenge: Get a stranger to do it with you! Who knows, you might make a friend (or more) of said stranger.

The view of Nami Island might change with the seasons, but it’s absolutely stunning all year round! It’s easy to get to with a round trip transfer from Seoul, and you no excuse not to visit.

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8. Party hard like never before from dusk till dawn

When travelling, the best is always to do as the locals do. But when it comes to partying, it can be quite the challenge! There’s no such thing as hitting up a club or bar in Seoul for a couple of hours and simply calling it a night.

So be prepared to party all night from the moment the sun sets until the sun comes up the next day! The city’s multi-level nightclubs almost always feature large dance floors and impressive sound and lights.

After a night of drinking, it’s a must to grab some greasy street bites. Even at 6am, you can still find anything from Korean BBQ restaurants to street vendors selling fried snacks, dumplings, and other street grub that will satisfy all sort of cravings you never knew you had!

Photo Credit: http://ms-photograph.co.kr/1054

9. Film your own music video dancing to your favourite choreography

Korean dance choreography is cool as it comes! Filming yourself dancing to your favourite choreography in Seoul itself is an excellent way to commemorate your visit to Korea. Just don’t forget us when you’ve become viral and famous!

You might say, “But I don’t know how to dance!” but oh no, you’re not getting out of this one! Even if you’re a complete noob, you’ll be dancing in no time after a lesson in the KPop Dance Class.

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10. Count by hand the number of ribbons at the DMZ

The DMZ is a demilitarized zone, the no-man’s land that separates North from South Korea. Visitors can tour around the area and it’s a great way to get insights on the fascinating history surrounding the sites.

Along the Freedom Bridge at Imjingak Village, visitors are met with the sights of colourful prayer ribbons tied to the fences with messages of hope for the union between North and South Korea. It’s been estimated to have millions of ribbons tied to the fences to date.

Well, there’s only one way to find out which is to count it by hand. This is a challenge that is definitely no easy feat.

Photo Credit: http://www.theaussienomad.com/featured-photos/prayer-ribbons-dmz-south-korea/

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