Sumo Practice in Tokyo

Watch sumo wrestlers at morning training
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  • Get a close up look at the sumo wrestlers' morning fight practice
  • Observe the physical practice and cultural traditions of sumo for around 2 hours
  • Watch in awe as the wrestlers practice the art of sumo

What to expect

It's a fair statement to say that sumo wrestling must be one of the world's most unique national sports. Sumo originated in Japan as early as the 1600s and Japan remains the only country where this heavyweight sport is practiced professionally. Fighters live in communal 'stables' where every aspect of their daily lives is dictated by strict tradition. These traditions, etiquette and customs are not taken lightly. Many sumo stables are not open to foreign visitors and for those that are, even spectactors are expected to adhere to certain rules. Meet up with your tour group outside the designated meet up point in Tokyo before you visit to the stables and watch the wrestlers practice the art of sumo. Make sure not to eat, talk loudly, or take photos with bright flashes or loud noises so you don't distract the wrestlers!

Sumo practice
Get the rare opportunity to see real sumo wrestlers train
Sumo training
Visit the communal 'stables' where the wrestlers live together
Sumo wrestler close up
Watch the sumo wrestlers do their morning training regime
Sumo fight
Watch intently as they practice the art of sumo


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