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Early Spring Kawazuzakura Cherry Blossom Viewing

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Sorry, this activity isn't available right now. Try these instead:
  • Visit Tokyo during cherry blossom season and view the Kawazuzakura right at the Kawazu River!
  • Go on an unforgettably romantic sightseeing walk amongst the trees loaded with pale pink blossoms
  • Head to Izu Fruits Park where sweet strawberries are ready for you to pick and eat!
  • Enjoy a Japanese Tempura Udon Set for lunch
  • Visit one of the 100 Greatest Waterfalls in Japan, the "Joren no Taki Waterfall"

What to expect

Early spring is cherry blossom season in Japan and hundreds and thousands of visitors flock to see the incredible sight of pale pink cherry blossoms blooming over the rivers, roads, and parks of Japan. This tour takes you on a cherry blossom viewing at the Kawazu River to see the Kawazuzakura, like clouds of pink blossoms hovering over the river. From your selected station, you first head to Izu Fruits Park for a delicious treat: you get to pick strawberries in the park! Afterwards, enjoy a delicious tempura udon lunch set, then go sightseeing a the Joren no Taki Waterfall, where you can enjoy the splendid views. Then, thoroughly refreshed, you'll visit the Kawazuzakura, and enjoy the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival. It's a very romantic and magical sight to see Japan's beloved cherry blossoms in full bloom, sprinkling pale petals into the air like snow.

cherry blossoms kawazu river tokyo
See the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming over the Kawazu River
cherry blossoms kawazu river tokyo
It's a truly romantic sight visited by millions of visitors every year
izu fruit park
Pick some deliciously sweet strawberries at Izu Fruit Park!

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