Tianmen Mountain, Cable Car and Gallery Road in Zhangjiajie

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  • Get the opportunity to discover the gorgeous wonders of Tianmen Mountain and all its cultural sights
  • See why Tianmen Mountain is regarded as the 'soul' of Zhangjiajie, with its winding roads and natural beauty
  • The views include graceful ancient trees, karst hillocks and long roads that are carved from the sides of the cliff
  • Head up to the summit and see spectacular panoramic views
  • The cable car takes 30 minutes from the city center to the mountain top, one of the longest cableways in the world

What to expect

Tianmen Mountain, located in Tianmen National Park, is considered as the very soul of Zhangjiajie. It's a breathtaking sight, rising over the area and foggy in the distance. Get a chance to see this mountain up close, as well as take a ride on the mountain's cable car ropeway. This cableway is considered as the longest passenger cableway within a high mountain in the whole world. From the cableway, get to see the road leading up to the summit, considered as China's “Heaven's Gate” from the way it seems to lead up to the brilliant heavens above. As soon as you arrive at the summit, you can even walk through the seemingly endless winding paths built directly onto the cliff face near the summit itself - the perfect viewpoint for stunning sights. It's a breathtaking wonder no one should miss when in Zhangjiajie.

tianmen mountain
Walk over the thrilling pathways built right to the side of the mountain
gateway to heaven
Head up to the Gateway to Heaven and all its breathtaking wonder
tianmen mountain
Follow the mountain's winding roads carved right into the mountain itself
tianmen mountain cable car
Enjoy a ride down one of the world's longest cableways!


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