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Travel the Unknown in Yilan

Try out the newest travel experience - explore the unknown

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Sorry, this activity isn't available right now. Try these instead:
  • Feeling a little adventurous? Travel around Yilan not knowing what you'll do during the entire tour
  • Allow yourself to be surprised - with no itinerary, no guide, just a book that will tell you where to go next
  • You will have to travel by yourself with a well-designed travel book that will guide you to the next stop
  • The tour will include Yilan's special food, secret spots and several stories about Yilan
  • End the day feeling fulfilled, and knowing more about Yilan with this special tour

What to expect

If you've ever wanted to explore a place minus the itineraries, the crowds, without tour guides and everything else that makes it look and feel like you're just a typical tourist, then this is the perfect activity for you. Allow yourself to be surprised with this full day tour that takes you to some of Yilan's secret spots, including local food spots, a record store, and more! The best part about it is that the itinerary is completely secret - so you'll just have to follow the well-designed travel guide given to you at the start of your tour with a travel bag that contains the rest of the things you'll need, and take things one step at a time! This tour is perfect for spontaneous and adventuruous travelers and is one of the best ways to experience Yilan in a completely unique way.

travel the unknown yilan
Discover some Yilan's off the beaten path destinations with this special tour
travel the unknown yilan
Follow the travel book provided to get from one destination to the next
travel the unknown yilan
Pass by a record store downtown and check out some of the vintage music tracks
travel the unknown yilan
Enjoy a delicious afternoon snack and lunch at one of the local food spots
travel the unknown yilan
Meet and interact with some of the locals
travel the unknown yilan
Discover Yilan and enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience!


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