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Downtown Osaka and Local Food Walk

Get a taste of Osakan culture and soul food

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  • Explore the spiritual beauty of one of Japan's oldest shrines - Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine
  • Walk along the famously high-arched Taiko Bridge
  • Experience the deliciousness of Osaka's street food

What to expect

Experience Osaka's traditional culture with a morning trip to Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine. The shrine is one of Osaka's oldest, founded before Buddhism during the third century. The Chinese influenced most shrine designs in Japan; however, Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine is one of the country's few shrines considered purely Japanese. Grab another taste of the city with an authentic street food experience. Enjoy the local Osakan dish kushi-katsu - the perfect combination of pork, squid, octopus, lotus root, shishito pepper and eggplant!

Downtown Osaka and Local Food Walk
Get a taste of Osaka through its street food
Downtown Osaka and Local Food Walk
Find the most mouthwatering treats in the city
Downtown Osaka and Local Food Walk
See the shops and sights of the city
Downtown Osaka and Local Food Walk
Learn what everyday life in Downtown Osaka looks like

Things to note

Insider Tips:

  • Wear a comfortable pair of shoes because you will do a lot of walking


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