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Nizwa Day Tour from Muscat

Explore two of the Sultanate's most enchanting forts

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  • Head out of Muscat and go to Nizwa, the old capital city of Oman with a knowledgeable guide!
  • Drive through the Hajar mountains and through the passes of Fanjah and Birkat Al Mauz, leading to Nizwa
  • Enter and experience the Nizwa forts and its local souk marketplace
  • Visit to one of Oman’s most beautiful forts located in Jabreen
  • A hotel pick up and drop off will take you to and from Nizwa, safely back to your Muscat hotel

What to expect

An hour away from Muscat is the beautiful city of Nizwa, the largest city of the region. This day tour takes you around its beautiful stops to see the sights by the mountains. Form your hotel, you'll head to the Al Hajar Mountains, the highest range in the Eastern Arabian Peninsula. These mountains look almost otherworldly as the backdrop of the city. Then you head to the Fanjah Oasis, a beautifully picturesque town that is the very picture of what everyone thinks an oasis should be: a spot of greenery in the desert. You'll next visit Birkat Al Mauz Village, named aptly for the “Banana Pool” for the village's famous banana plantation. Your next stop is the forts at Jabreen, otherwise known as the Jabreen Castle. Unlike other forts, this one was not built during wartime and was expanded by Sultan bin Saif Al Yarubi during a period of peace. It's a wonderful sight to behold, and is the perfect way to end your tour before heading back to your hotel.

nizwa tour
See the old capital city of Nizwa and all it has to offer
nizwa tour
Experience a beautiful oasis
nizwa tour
Visit the beautiful forts in the city
nizwa tour
Learn about the history rooted deep in the city and visit its cultural sites

Things to note

Insider Tips:

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