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Robot Restaurant Show Ticket

4.3 ( 4,573 reviews ) 100K+ Booked
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  • Experience high-tech laser displays, multi-colored lights, flash dancers, glittering robots, and more at Robot Restaurant Tokyo!
  • Add a popcorn snack or bento meal to your package that you can eat while watching the performance
  • Enjoy and dance along to the wild music and bizarre routines during this 90-minute robot show divided into four acts
  • Treat yourself to a variety of food and beverage options between each act
  • Go straight to Klook’s Exclusive Lane and have priority access with your Robot Restaurant tickets

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Highly recommended

Great show! Would love to go again! Exciting, mind blowing, great experience to see while in japan

13 May 2021
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What to expect

Witness the multi-colored laser lights, flashy dancers, and extravagant robots putting on a show at one of Tokyo's famous themed dining spots. The Shinjuku Robot Restaurant in Tokyo provides a wild, energetic experience that you won't be able to find anywhere else in the world! Despite the title, Robot Restaurant is more of a glittery show than a place to eat. You won't understand much of what you watch, but one thing is for sure— there will be non-stop energy and laughter. It is one of the 10 you can’t say you’ve really been to Tokyo until you’ve done some of these! Book your Robot Restaurant tickets and satisfy your craving for a glimpse of Japan's famous bizarre culture.

Robot Restaurant
Buy Robot Restaurant tickets and watch flashy dancers and energetic robots put on a phenomenal show
robot restaurant performance
Enjoy the vibrant setting and props integrated into a themed performance
robot restaurant performance
Fabulous set pieces will entertain and amaze you throughout your stay
robot restaurant performer
See performers go into battle with robots accompanied by strobe lights, lasers, and infectious music
robot restaurant bento
Delight on a Bento meal and satisfy your local cravings
robot restaurant interior
Get priority access on the Klook Exclusive Lane to quickly enjoy Robot Restaurant

Things to note

Insider Tips:

  • Because Robot Restaurant focuses more on the performance rather than the restaurant aspect of the venue, we'd recommend eating before or after the show as portions here are small



Activity Q&A

Q: Can I cancel this booking?

A: No cancellations, refunds, or changes can be made for any reasons including inclement weather.

Q: Can I amend this booking?

A: No cancellations, refunds, or changes can be made for any reasons including inclement weather.

Q: Is the 2x Bento package good for 2 persons?

A: Yes, each person will have 1 bento.

Q: Can I make a seat reservation?

A: No, you can only follow the staff's seat arrangement.

Q: Will the staff arrange a different seating area for someone who ordered food and someone who did not?

A: No, it depends on the staff's seat arrangement on that day.

Q: Do children need an admission ticket?

A: Children aged 0-3 can enter free of charge. Children aged 4+ must purchase a general admission ticket (same price as adults).

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