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KidZania Dubai Ticket

4.6 ( 116 reviews ) 1K+ Booked
Enhanced Health & Hygiene Measures are being implemented for this activity. Please check the activity highlights below for more details
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  • Learn more about this activity’s Enhanced Health & Hygiene Measures
  • Do real jobs in a big kid's world in KidZania Dubai!
  • Located in Dubai Mall, KidZania Dubai offers children real-life experiences through roleplay activities
  • Let your kids roleplay a variety of occupations from doctors to chefs to pilots and much more!
  • Inspire your children to follow their dreams and get ready for a better world!

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Highly recommended

Its a very nice place, never like anyone else, i for sure recommend it

12 Apr 2021
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What to expect

Kids and adults alike will enjoy entering the world of KidZania, a built-to-scale kid-sized town where the children are in charge! Children will get to perform “real world jobs” and learn about how they are a part of a community as they develop cognitive and motor skills. They can move through the town doing numerous jobs such as training to be a fireman, doctor, police officer, beautician and so much more. All the while, they'll be learning how to manage money through the in-house currency of Kidzos. It's an amazing all-day experience for kids and adults alike!

kidzania dubai
Let your kids do big people jobs in the biggest little town you've ever seen!
kidzania dubai
Get the chance to be a heroic fireman!
kidzania dubai
It's a kid's world fit for the whole family
kidzania dubai
Learn all sorts of jobs, and even take home things you bake or cook!

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