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The Art Institute of Chicago

Enter the breathtaking world of Art
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  • Visit the seocnd largest museum in the United States, right at Grand Park in Chicago
  • View masterpieces in pointilissm by Georges Seurat and see post-pointillism pieces
  • Enjoy one of the world's largest collections of modern and contemporary art
  • Numerous collections from various fields of art (European, Asian, African, and more) are displayed for close study
  • Make your own art! Take part in the art activities found within the museu,

What to expect

Go on a day of immersing yourself in fine art by visiting one of America's oldest and largest art museums: the Art Institute of Chicago. This museum has no shortage of art collections that will amaze and educate art afficionados of all fields. They have collections of African and Indian art of the Americas for cultural studies, Ancient and Byzantine Art for history buffs, Asian art for individuals who take inspiration from the East, and the standard European Painting and Modern and Contemporary art collections. You'll be able to see a museum holding almost 300,000 works of art that have been carefully curated for generations. You'll gaze upon such masterpieces as Seurat's pointillism masterwork in A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte and Pablo Picasso's the Old Guitarist. Even fans of photography will find something for them too in the Photography wing of the museum. You'll enjoy a day full of color, form, and artistry in one of the country's best museums.

art institute of chicago ticket
See one of America's largest and oldest art museums
art institute of chicago ticket
See nearly 300,000 pieces and works
art institute of chicago ticket
Located right at Grant Park and easily accessible
art institute of chicago ticket
See the works of Seurat and Picasso on its walls


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