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Special Oedo Island Day Tour from Busan

A true paradise of flowers and crystal blue ocean views

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Enhanced Health & Hygiene Measures are being implemented for this activity. Please check the activity highlights below for more details
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  • Learn more about this activity’s Enhanced Health & Hygiene Measures
  • Experience the refreshing, European-themed aesthetics of Oedo Island on this day tour
  • Explore the famous marine botanical gardens with an English and Korean speaking guide!
  • Climb the 'Stairway to Heaven', where visitors can see the magnificent terrace landscapes by the ocean
  • See a wide array of beautiful flowers, particularly camellias, blossoming over the island
  • Get a glimpse of Windy Hill, where popular Korean dramas such as Eve's Garden and Merry-Go-Round were filmed

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What to expect

Away from the distinctly South Korean nature of the city of Busan is the idyllic island world of Oedo Island, famous for its European atmosphere and marine botanical garden. This day tour from Busan will first take you to a visit the famous Windy Hill, the setting of many a famous Korean drama series before you hop onto a ferry and head off to Oedo Island. On the way, you’ll see Haeguemgang Island in the distance, a beautiful land mass of white cliffside and greenery. Upon landing at Oedo Island, you can visit its most famous sights such as the marine botanical garden, and climb the steps called “Stairway to Heaven”, which gives you a breathtaking view of the terrace, and beyond it, the blue ocean. All over Oedo Island are a myriad of ornamental flowers, particularly richly-colored camellias, making it a romantic photo destination. It’s the perfect chance to get beautiful photographs among the blooms before you head back to Busan.

oedo island day tour
Mount the Stairway to Heaven and see the panoramic view of the terrace and the oceans beyond
oedo island day tour
Explore the lush gardens found all over the island
special oedo day tour
The richness of the gardens make it a perfect spot to take some beautiful photos
oedo island day tour
Explore every corner of this lovely, European-themed island


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