Krafla Wilderness Private Walking Tour from Lake Mývatn

Explore the otherworldly lava fields
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  • The Private Krafla Wilderness Walk tour is an easy hiking tour where you can control your pace and flexibility
  • Explore the Krafla lava fields, created by the massive volcanic eruptions between 1975 and 1984
  • Tour the Lake Mývatn area, a beautiful landscape sculpted by the eruptions and geological activities
  • Learn from the expert local guide and how the eruptions influenced the people living in the area

What to expect

Akureyri and Lake Mývatn are famous for the numerous natural wonders surrounding the area. You'll head through rugged terrains and lava fields in this unforgettable journey, where you'll see splendid sights in nature unlike anything else in the world. Your tour will first take you to the beautiful Lake Mývatn area where you can marvel at the great body of water itself, one of Iceland's most famous. And then you'll go from waters to fire as you head to the Krafla Lava Fields. Located in the Krafla Caldera, this cauldron of steaming field of hardened molten rock is a testament to the Icelandic volcanic topography. This is further emphasized with your visit to the Víti explosion crater which had been created by the sheer volcanic activity that Iceland is so known for. Your tour ends with a visit to the Goðafoss waterfall, the most splendid waterfall in all of Iceland, and you can take in the panoramic views. The powers of nature are strong in Iceland, you'll see what they can do in the beauty of North Coast.

Krafla lava fields day tour
See the steaming fields of hardened lava in the Krafla lava fields
Wilderness Lava Walk from Akureyri
They stand testament to the powerful volcanic activity that shaped Iceland
Wilderness Lava Walk from Akureyri
Go over rugged terrains and see the power of nature in North Coast
Lake Mývatn day tour
Visit the hallmarks of the volcanic activity in North Coast
Lake Mývatn day tour
See the beauty of Lake Mývatn and the natural wonders surrounding it


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