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Gyobokmall Korean School Uniform Rental Seoul (Jamsil Store)

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Sorry, this activity isn't available right now. Try these instead:
  • Choose your own style of high school uniform and rent it out for 4 or 8 hours
  • Relive the fresh high school days in a charming uniform popular in Asian countries!
  • It feels like being in your very own K-Drama, and very reminiscent of K-Pop idol costumes!
  • It's the perfect quirky look for a young couple exploring Seoul, giving you that "young love" aesthetic
  • Visit the store’s Hongdae Branch, located near the university, to get authentic and realistic backgrounds!

What to expect

Many KDramas are set during the tumultuous times of high school, and many a KPop idol has appeared wearing a stylish high school uniform. So why not rent your own the moment you set foot into Seoul? This Korean high school uniform rental service will give you an array of trendy uniform sets to choose from, both for male and female. Not only will you get to relieve your high school days wearing it, but it'll feel like you've become a character in your favorite KDrama. It's the perfect photo opportunity for KPop fans and couples, to stroll around Seoul wearing your own stylish uniform. You can rent your attire for four hours or nine hours, giving you plenty of time to get those photographs and go exploring.

gyobokmall Korean school uniform rental
Dress up a stylish Korean high school student and take cute, quirky photos!
gyobokmall Korean school uniform rental
It's the perfect aesthetic for couples visiting Korea and want to feel as though they were in a KDrama!
Korean school uniform rental
An array of school uniform sets are yours to choose from
Korean school uniform rental
Rent your uniform for four or nine hours, and then go exploring or take photos!


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