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El Nido Tour B

Explore, snorkel and relax in world-famous beaches!
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  • Discover Caves in Snake Island, known for its unique sandbar in the middle of the sea and visit Cathedral and Cudugnon Cave, where locals used to hide from Japanese invaders during World War II in the
  • Swim in the clear waters of Entalula Island and see amazing rock formations!
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What to expect

El Nido is famous for its beaches, and there's not better way to se ethe best beach spots in the area than through this amazing tour. Your first stop on El Nido's white-sand wonders is Snake Island, a unique isle in the blue waters with a sandbar that gives it its iconic name, winding through the sea like a snake. Then it's off to Pinagbuyatan Island, an isle that is famous for its limestone formations that had been formed thousands of years ago. After lunch, you'll head off to yet another gorgeous beach at Papaya Beach. The beach is white sand, blue water perfection that looks straight out of a Hollywood movie. You'll then explore the hidden wonders of Cudugnon Cave. Watch your head as you move through the rock passageways and explore the gorgeous natural caverns of this rock formation. El Nido is rich in untouched natural splendor, and this is a tour that will endure in your memories.

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Go on a tour of the best beaches in El Nido
el nido beach
Enjoy the feel of the warm sun and the smell of the sea as you tour El Nido's beaches
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From Snake Island to Papaya Beach, you'll discover El Nido's most picturesque beach scenes
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Take a break and have a delicious barbecued lunch right on the beach!
El nido island hopping tour B
Explore the caves and famous rock formations!
el nido tour
Be amazed by the crystal clear water while having your tour around the El Nido
el nido tour
Enjoy the blue water surrounded by the beautiful view of the El Nido with your friends
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Equipped with the full set gear and get ready for the exciting El Nido tour
Remember to snap some photos to be kept as memories while exploring the beautiful El Nido
el nido island hopping tour

Things to note

What To Bring:

  • Swimwear
  • Change of clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat


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