Plaza Inn in Hong Kong Disneyland (Lunch and Dinner Set)

Discover delicious Cantonese cuisine in the happiest place on earth
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Hong Kong Disneyland
Enhanced Health & Hygiene Measures are being implemented for this activity. Please check the activity highlights below for more details
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  • Enjoy fantastic Cantonese cuisine while walking around the happiest place on earth
  • Dine on dim sum, barbecued meats, and more in an elegant table-service restaurant hosted by Maxim’s
  • Admire the beautiful combination of East and West with the Victorian-era architecture and Asian interiors of Plaza Inn
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What to expect

Walk into the Victorian Era inspired, Plaza Inn, famous for its Asian twist - a beautiful mix of the East and West. Choose between two packages: the Lunch Set or the Dinner Set depending on whatever time you want to dine. Savor the delectable dumplings, steamed vegetables, shrimp and crab meat, deep fried pork and many more! For lunch, enjoy a Mickey Chilled Pudding for dessert, and for dinner a deluxe dessert platter. The entire set meal is good for 2 or more - perfect to share with your traveling companions. Dine at one of the best restaurants while enjoying a day in Hong Kong Disneyland (tickets not included), the happiest place on earth.

plaza inn hong kong disneyland
Choose between two packages - Lunch Set and Dinner Set
plaza inn hong kong disneyland
Admire the fascinating Asian interiors, giving the restaurant a mix of East and West
 plaza inn hong kong disneyland
Delight in the delicious Cantonese cuisine - try out the steamed dumplings, steamed vegetables, and more!


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