5 Day JR Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Pass


Obtain your Exchange Order in prior by delivery / pick up, activate your 5 consecutive days rail pass that covers unlimited rides on the JR conventional lines running between Nagoya, Toyama, Shinano-Omachi, in addition to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

  • Conditional Cancelation*
  • Show Mobile or Printed Voucher
  • Access Alpine, Takayama and Matsumoto with a single area pass that offers 5 consecutive days of unlimited travel within the designated area
  • Take JR trains between Nagoya and Toyama, JR trains between Nagoya and Shinano-Omachi and transportation along the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
  • Enjoy convenient delivery by post to your accommodation in Taiwan or pick up from Hong Kong Airport/Central or central Singapore or mail to West Malaysia (note that you will receive an 'Exchange Order' voucher which you must redeem for your Rail Pass in Japan)
Most Recent Review

  • 14 Dec 2018
    It is very convenient to buy the ticket from klook and easy to exchange tickets at the airport. Definitely will buy this ticket again from Klook when travelling to Japan.

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What To Expect

Simply make your booking online and enjoy delivery of your area pass voucher straight to your door in Taiwan, or easy pick up from Hong Kong Airport or central Singapore. Redeem your voucher for an area pass when you're in Japan and be ready to explore! For 5 consecutive days, take trains and buses to travel from Nogoya through the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, where regular tickets are considered to be more pricey. With a a single pass that is valid for all JR trains from Nagoya to Toyama, this is definitely the easiest and fastest way to explore between these areas!

Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Pass
Explore the central mountainous region of Japan by train with the Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Pass
jr pass infographic
Please be guided by this helpful infographic that shows you how to get this pass
Activity Information


  • You will receive a confirmation email and voucher instantly after booking
  • In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email
Inclusive Of

Inclusive Of:

Non-reserved seats on JR Limited Express, Express, Rapid, and local trains
  • Between Nagoya and Toyama
  • Between Shinano-Omachi and Nagoya
  • Between Dentetsu-Toyama and Shinano-Omachi within the Alpine Route
Non-reserved seats on Toyama Chiho Railway Limited Express trains
  • Between Dentetsu-Toyama and Tateyama
Unlimited use of transportation within the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
  • Between Toyama, Tateyama, Murodo, Daikanbo, Kurobe Dam, and Shinano-Omachi
Not Inclusive Of

Not Inclusive Of:

  • Home LINER
Insider Tips
Additional Information

Additional Information:

  • Child ticket: Age 6-11
  • Two children (aged 1-5) may travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult rail pass holder given that they do not occupy a seat, but a third child will require a child rail pass
  • Children 0-12 months old may travel free of charge
  • This rail pass is applicable only for foreign visitors in Japan with a "Temporary Visitor" status
  • When you enter Japan, if you use an automated gate, no stamp will be applied to your passport. Either use a manned automated gate or ask a clerk to apply the stamp to your passport
  • During busy periods (from Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route’s opening day to the beginning of May, the middle of August, and the beginning of October) Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is expected to be extremely congested. At these times, you may not be able to use the service at your desired time, so please make sure to allow plenty of time to reach your travel destination.
How To Use

To Get Your JR Pass:

  • Before entering Japan, book your JR Pass at Klook in prior, select a departure date (the date you plan to fly to Japan) and fill in your information, obtain your Exchange Order by delivery or pick up by yourself
  • If you choose "delivery," Klook will mail the Exchange Order to your address within 7 business days; If you choose "pick up," please come to the designated pick up point at the time you choose to obtain your Exchange Order
  • After entering Japan, visit any of the JR offices located in airports and main train stations to submit your Exchange Order with your passport to redeem the JR Pass
  • After collecting your JR Pass, you may access unlimited rides within the valid date

Notes on Usage:

  • Valid period of use for the 5 Day JR Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Pass is from 15 Apr-11 Nov 2018 only. Please note that the latest date you can redeem your Exchange Order is on 7 Nov 2018. JR Passes are only valid until 11 Nov 2018
  • The Exchange Order is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Please redeem your JR Pass within 3 months of its issuance
  • The JR Pass must be used within one month after redemption
  • You can only select your seat after turning in your Exchange Order for JR pass
  • For seat reservation, you will have to approach the JR staff at the Ticket Office in Japan to make the arrangement
Cancelation Policy

Condition of Refund:

JR Pass Exchange Orders may be refunded at Klook within 11 months after booking as long as the following conditions below are fulfilled:
  • The Exchange Order has not been turned in for a JR Pass
  • The Exchange Order has not been stolen or lost
  • The Exchange Order must be mailed back to Klook Office, and it must be the complete physical copy of the Exchange Order

Notes on Refund and Amendment:

  • In any case of Exchange Orders refund or amendment, you will need to contact Klook for further procedure
  • 10% of the yen price of the JR Pass will be charged as handling fee
  • Klook can only refund the Exchange Order, if you already redeemed your Exchange Order for JR Pass, please check with your local JR Station
  • Refunds or amendments due to local schedule change, suspended services, Exchange Order being stolen, damaged, lost or other related issues are not accepted, and there will be no compensation of accommodation, meals, transportation or other expenses incurred due to these circumstances
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Reviews (397) 4.7
  • Eva 14 Dec 2018
    It is very convenient to buy the ticket from klook and easy to exchange tickets at the airport. Definitely will buy this ticket again from Klook when travelling to Japan.
  • Chun Keung 8 Dec 2018
    The booking was as smooth as one could imagine. We collected the vouchers in Klook's Hong Kong office before departure. It was simple and easy. In Japan, we exchanged the vouchers for the passes. Again there was no problem. The pass was very convenient to use and we saved a lot of money because we used the passes everyday, which otherwise would cost a lot of money.
  • Choon Lee 27 Nov 2018
    Convenient to have this pass , but Klook charge in SGD instead of MYR currency, additional cost applied. This is not good, KKDAY doing better in term of payment.

    Reply from Klook

    Thank you for choosing Klook and taking time to leave us a review! We are very sorry to hear about the inconvenience you experienced. Please note that Klook is acceptying MYR currecny, Unfortunately you have used your payment method though PayPal.Please note that for any payment paid by using PayPal will convert to SGD. Thanks for your understanding
  • Hui Yi 6 Nov 2018
    One of the best experiences! Will definitely recommend for a trip around the Alpine route.
  • Areej 5 Nov 2018
    The pass was worth it for my trip. But the service of Klook needs improvement. I had to call them several times for them to deliver my exchange order for the pass.
  • YIM MING 19 Oct 2018
  • Sherwin Clarence 18 Oct 2018
    This is purely a review of Klook's service and transacting with them and not of the actual product Kurobe-Matsumoto Area JR Pass. As for tge pass its simple, simply exchange the MCO yiu receive from Klook at major JR ticketing stations and you get the actual ticket plastered on a cardboard. Go through the manned gates on the side as the ticket won't work on automated ticket gates. Review is from the perspective of a Philippine resident. Let's start with the CONS.  It took over the promised 7 business days of delivery so I called them in their hotline to follow up. For some odd reason they asked me to pick it up on their Manila office instead, even though the voucher stated a delivery was to be made.  They reasoned out that they had some problems with their mailing service. I didn't bother to clarify specifics, I just wanted to get the pass as I had a week left before I fly out. Thankfully they were quick in giving me the pass once I did arrive in their office.  So its more of inconvenience that I had to physically go to their office to get the pass. The PROS.  Bar none this is the cheapest price I have seen here in the Philippines. Add voucher code discount on Klook's anniversary and Klook credits I earned from a previous transaction made it even a sweeter deal.  Typical price range from a brick and mortar travel agent here in Manila was around PHP8,500 - PHP9,000 depending on the travel agency and I got it from Klook for less than PHP7,700 net. My advice is yes get it from Klook because its cheaper but definitely get it around 1.5 months to 2 months in advance before you fly to Japan just to give time for unforeseen inconveniences.
  • CHI FAN 14 Sep 2018
    Got the ticket on time. Great experience. If can provide delivery service (paid of course) then it will be even perfect.
  • YUI TUNG 14 Jun 2018
    good, very useful, highly recommend
  • Poa Fong Anna 12 Jun 2018
    Convenient pass. Exchange using voucher and the information desk at Nagoya airport was very helpful in converting the voucher to a proper pass for us.

Activity Q&A

Making a Booking
Q: I’m confused…what’s the difference between the voucher, exchange order, and JR Pass?

A: The redemption process for the JR pass is complicated. Please see the definition of the following terms:

  • Klook Voucher: You receive this voucher after completing your booking on the Klook website or app. You only need this to redeem for a JR Pass Exchange Order (sometimes also referred to as a voucher or MCO on other websites) at one of our Klook pickup points. If you have chosen a mail option, this will not apply to you. (Please note that this Klook voucher CANNOT be used in Japan to redeem for the actual JR Pass) (Click here to see an example of a Klook Voucher)
  • JR Pass Exchange Order (Physical Document or MCO): You will receive this at one of the Klook pickup points or by mail, depending on your checkout options. You MUST have this exchange order before leaving for Japan to exchange for the actual JR pass once you arrive. (Click here to see an example of a JR Pass Exchange Order (MCO))
  • JR Pass: This is the actual pass you will use on the transportation systems in Japan. You MUST exchange for this pass in Japan with the physical Exchange Order described above. You will need both the exchange order and the original passport associated with the order to redeem for the actual JR Pass. The pass can be redeemed at the JR Rail Office (Click here to see an example of a Consecutive Day JR Pass / Non-Consecutive Day JR Pass)
Q: I’m confused...what dates should I put in the calendar when booking?

A: The date you select when booking is the date of your departure to Japan. If you intend to pick up your Exchange Order at the Klook Hong Kong or Singapore office, please note the office opening hours. For Exchange Order deliveries, mailing willl take 7 working days (holidays are not counted)

Changes to your Booking

Q: Some of the details I submitted at booking are incorrect, can I make a correction?

A: Please contact us via Ask Klook with your booking number and the corrections that need to be made as soon as possible. We will cancel the old one and ask you to make a new order. A handling fee of 10% of the pass price will apply, and the remaining balance will be fully refunded. Please read through the official cancelation policy on the JR Pass page for more information.

Q: I made an error selecting my mailing location or pick up location, can I correct this?

A: Please contact us via Ask Klook with your booking number and the corrections that need to be made as soon as possible.

  • If the Exchange Order has already been mailed, handling and postage fees will apply when making corrections to mailed Exchange Orders (MCO). You will be charged an additional 10% change fee will be charged
  • If the Exchange Order has not been mailed, there will be no additional charge
Q: I would like to change from X JR Pass to Y JR Pass, how can I do this?

A: Please contact us via Ask Klook with your booking number and the corrections that need to be made as soon as possible. We will cancel the old one and ask you to make a new order. A handling fee of 10% of the pass price will apply, and the remaining balance will be fully refunded. Please read through the official cancelation policy on the JR Pass page for more information.


Q: I haven’t received my confirmation yet! Help!

A: Confirmations may sometimes require up to 24 hours to process due to security verification. If your booking has not been confirmed after 24 hours, please contact us via Ask Klook

Scheduling Issues

Q: Is my pass still valid on X+1 date if I have a consecutive day pass that ends on X date?

A: Your pass is only valid for the number of CALENDAR dates that the pass is issued for, it is NOT counted in 24 hour periods from the time of first use. For example, if you use the pass on the first day in the evening at 11:59pm, your first day will end at midnight that day.

Q: I would like to book a pass for XXX date, but this day does not show up on your calendar. What should I do?

A: Passes must be booked at least 7 business days in advance.

Q: When I redeem the JR pass, can I choose another date as the first use date instead of the day I redeem for my JR pass?

A: After you receive the Exchange Order (MCO), you have 90 days from the "date and place of issue" listed on the voucher to pick up your JR Pass. After picking up the actual JR Pass, you can choose a later date within 30 days to start using the JR Pass. Please ask the staff at the JR Rail office to help you set the first use date on the pass.

Q: Why can’t I just receive the JR Pass before I go to Japan instead of an exchange order?

A: JR passes cannot be issued outside of Japan. All JR passes must be redeemed once the traveler has arrived in Japan or purchased in Japan by foreign visitors at full price.

Q: Is it possible to collect the exchange order (MCO) today?

A: Same day bookings are not possible. Bookings must be made at least 7 business days in advance. Please be sure that you have enough time to pick up or receive your exchange voucher before departing for Japan.

Q: How do I pick up my JR pass?

A: Please note that JR Rail has many separate entities such as JR East, JR Central, JR Hokkaido, etc. Depending on the pass you buy, you will have to go to that specific company’s office to redeem your pass. The JR Rail Pass is only issued domestically in Japan. When you order on Klook, you will have the exchange order (MCO) sent to your home, or will have to pick up the exchange order (MCO) in the city or airport you are departing from before arriving in Japan. Once you have arrived in Japan, you will exchange the exchange order (MCO) for the actual rail pass at an official JR Rail Office (located at most major airports and rail stations in Japan).

Q: Do I need my passport to pick up the exchange order (MCO)? Exchange for the JR Pass?

A: When picking up the exchange order (MCO) in your country before leaving for Japan, the lead traveler listed at checkout must bring their passport to pick up the exchange orders at the office, but can pick up all other exchange orders associated with the order. When redeeming the exchange orders for the actual pass in Japan, each traveler MUST bring the original passport associated with the exchange order to receive the pass. Copies of passport information pages are NOT accepted.

Q: Can someone else pick up the exchange order (MCO) for me in XXX city?

A: You can arrange for a friend to pick up your exchange order (MCO) by contacting us via Ask Klook. Your friend will need to provide a copy of the lead traveller’s passport and the Klook voucher to pick up the exchange order. Please note that this ONLY applies to the exchange orders (MCO) and NOT the JR Pass.

Q: Can I redeem my exchange voucher at X place in Japan?

A: Generally, you can exchange the voucher for the JR Pass at most major airports and rail stations in Japan, as well as other JR Rail offices. Please see the following examples of places you can exchange for the JR Rail pass: JR Rail Office

Q: Can someone else pick up the pass for me in Japan?

A: No. The exchange orders (MCO) are linked to the personal details on the passports submitted at checkout. You must pick up the JR passes in person in Japan with the original passport used when booking.

Q: I ordered the pass on the Klook website or app, but have not received an exchange voucher yet. When will it come?

A: If you chose a mail option, please allow 7 business days for your exchange voucher to arrive. If you chose a pick up, please visit the pick up locations in your city to receive your voucher. Exchange orders (MCO) MUST be redeemed for a JR Pass once you have landed in Japan at the JR Rail Offices in major airports and rail stations.

Q: Can I just use my Klook electronic confirmation or voucher to exchange for the pass when I arrive in Japan?

A: No. You MUST pick up the exchange order (MCO) or have it mailed to you BEFORE you depart for Japan. You cannot use the electronic confirmation from your email or Klook app to redeem for the JR Pass in Japan. Only official exchange orders (MCO) will be accepted for JR Passes in Japan.

Q: I was unable to pick up my exchange order on the date I selected, can I cancel my order?

A: Cancelations will incur a 10% cancelation fee. Please contact customer service to reschedule pick up.

Q: I live in Singapore, where is the pick up location for the Exchange Orders?

A: Singapore CBD: Klook Office, 13 Hong Kong Street Singapore 059656

  • Pick up time slots: 10:00am-12:00pm, 2:00pm-8:00pm (Monday-Friday); 2:00pm-6:00pm (Saturday)
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)
Q: I live in Hong Kong, where is the pick up location for the Exchange Orders?

A: We have 2 pick up locations in Hong Kong:

  1. Hong Kong International Airport Arrivals Area, Terminal 1, Counter A13 Opening hours: 7:00am-11:00pm, daily
  2. Central: Klook Office,16/F, Car Po Commercial Bldg, Lyndhurst Terrace, Central Opening hours: 10:00am-7:00pm, Monday to Friday (closed on public holidays)


Q: Can I refund my JR Pass? Will I be charged a cancelation fee?

A: You can cancel and refund your order if you have not yet used your Exchange Order (MCO) to receive a JR Pass. Unredeemed JR Pass Exchange Orders (MCO) can be refunded and amended within 11 months of being issued. A cancelation fee of 10% of the pass price and a post fee of returning the MCO back to Klook will apply. After receiving the MCO, Klook will issue a refund to your account as soon as possible. The time and date you receive the refund varies per bank. Click to see a sample of a JR Pass Exchange Order (MCO)

Q: How come I still see a charge even though I canceled my booking? When will I receive my refund?

A: Refunds require up to 30 days to process. Bookings are also subject to a 10% cancelation fee, so your refund amount may not match your booking receipt.


Q: I plan to do XXX in Japan, which type of pass should I buy? Is XXX destination valid with the JR Pass I have purchased?

A: The type of pass you should buy is highly dependent on your individual itinerary. Please see our handy blog post for itinerary ideas for each type of pass.

Q: I’m from XXX country or have XXX passport, can I buy a JR Pass?

A: All foreign tourists entering Japan on a “Temporary Visitor” entry status are allowed to purchase the JR Pass. Japanese passport holders are NOT allowed to purchase the JR Pass.

Q: Can I retroactively use a promo code on a booking I have already completed? Can I cancel my booking and re-order with a promo code?

A: No! Cancelations will incur a 10% fee.

Klook Help Center
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