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CHEF Show - the next generation of BIBAP!

Check out this new updated version of the famous BIBAP show!

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  • Beatboxing, breakdancing, and bibimbap come together in this non-verbal performance and celebration of chefs in the kitchen!
  • Enjoy the latest update to the famous BIBAP show with CHEF! Choi Cheol Ki’s latest non-verbal performance masterpiece!
  • Join in the fun with plenty of opportunities for audience participation during the 5-part show!
  • Sit back and enjoy the nonverbal show without any worries about language barriers!

What To Expect from Chef Show

Get ready for a fun night of beatboxing, b-boying, and bibimbap! The latest update to the popular BIBAP show is here! CHEF promises audiences a wonderful journey into the kitchen with a non-verbal performance that anyone can understand! Audience participation is encouraged and there is plenty of comedy throughout the show. There are 5 parts to the show that explore different storylines in the kitchen, all expressed through music and dance! K-Pop fans of all ages will love this show!

Chef Show Seoul
See the latest update to the popular BIBAP Show with CHEF!
CHEF Show tickets
Enjoy an evening of beatboxing, b-boying, and bibimbap!
Shows in Seoul
A wonderful non-verbal performance that takes you behind the scenes in the kitchen!
Seoul breakdancing show
Watch amazing breakdancing performances during the CHEF show!
K-Pop shows seoul
CHEF is the latest production from Choi Cheol Ki and features some of Korea's most talented performers!


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