[Limited Offer] Universal Cool Japan Express Pass 2020

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  • Limited offer: Dive into Japan’s famous anime shows with the Cool Japan Express Pass available until 28 June 2020!
  • No waiting required - skip the long lines and enjoy reserved time slots when you use the Cool Japan Express Pass
  • Solve the secrets of a 4-floor building on a truly immersive Detective Conan-themed escape game
  • Enjoy 360-degree original 3D visuals synchronized with the power of gravity at the Attack on Titan XR ride
  • Enjoy fast track access to USJ’s most popular attractions with the Express Pass 4 or Express Pass 7

What to expect

Universal Studios Japan is yet again celebrating years of Cool Japan with its biggest event yet! Universal Cool Japan is an annual exclusive Japanese Pop culture event where special themed attractions are introduced. Using the Express Pass, enter the realm of renowned and timeless Japanese anime with ease and see shows such as 'Lupin the Third', 'Detective Conan', 'Attack on Titan', and 'Monster Hunter World: Iceborn'. Try the Conan-themed escape game packed with puzzles, or walk around the park to solve cases in a detective-style mystery challenge during the spring. Over at the Lupin the Third side, be entertained with the XR Ride and an entertainment restaurant. During the spring season, try the epic VR experience at Monster Hunter World: Iceborn, that is based on the video game. The best part? You get to skip right through the long lines with your Express Pass!

universal cool japan
Go on a fascinating adventure into the realm of renowned Japanese anime for a day of unforgettable fun
Attack On Titan  xr ride
Hang onto your seat, literally, at the Attack On Titan ultra-sensory XR Ride

Things to note

Insider Tips:

  • Plan your park visit with the Studio Map
  • If the specified attraction on the voucher is closed temporarily, please ask the staff on site for an alternative attraction
  • Share your favorite memories from the event on social media anytime and anywhere with a Japan SIM Card


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