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  • Experience Indonesian 'Unity in Diversity' as you watch performances from cultures spread across the islands
  • See this award winning production on Indonesian culture, the top rated show for visitors to Indonesia
  • Watch a fusion of modern elements like acrobatics and special effects which will keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • Witness a mesmerizing collaboration genre of Indonesia folk and contemporary dance– and even a hip-hop dance!

What to expect

With more than 18,000 islands and a population of 240 million, Indonesia is a tapestry of unique cultures spread across a wide variety of people. A trip to Bali is just a scratch on the surface of this country and its traditions. Dive deeper into Indonesia with the Devdan show, an award-winning production that will take you on a journey across the archipelago. This talented team of performers will show you how Indonesia celebrates 'Unity in Diversity' with a contemporary take on traditional culture from Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Papua, and many other islands. Combining many elements of modern theater, including acrobatics and special effects, culture comes to life for the whole family. Experience dramatic Kecak fire dances, shadow puppets, warrior chants, water dances, tribal ceremonies, and more!

Devdan Bali
See the award winning Devdan Show - Indonesia's top cultural show
Devdan Show Bali
A modern presentation of Indonesia's many cultures
Bali Devdan Show
Cultural shows from Bali, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Papua, and more!
kecak fire show bali
Bali's best Kecak fire dance
Things to do in bali
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