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4G LTE WiFi (MNL Airport Pick Up) for Asia

4.1 (891 reviews)

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4.1 891 reviews
  • Jeliza 17 May 2020
    Highly recommended

    experienced lightning fast internet connection, as expected in this part of asia: south korea!! i had gone to mountainous regions and far-flung areas from seoul, but the signal reception was still great. the pick-up and return were fast and easy, especially bc it was booked beforehand. i’ve also used this in my trip last december in china, so i decided to use it again for this leg of my journey. i’m glad i did and i would definitely be using this again once i return to traveling around southeast asia after this pandemic :)

  • Melle Jane 10 Mar 2020
    Highly recommended

    Super worth it! A must have when you’re travelling. It has long battery life too and has strong and fast connection even in subways. So convenient especially when you’re posting pictures of your everyday trip.

  • Jessa Iana 27 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    We brought this wifi to MY and SG and honestly, it’s a great choice of getting this one rather than the sim card. We were 4 traveling and all of us got to connect with strong internet connection. Even 1-2 meters apart can be connected to wifi and still, the connection is strong. Highly recommended!

  • DAISY MAE 18 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    I had a great travel experienced as solo traveler because of this unlimted pocket wifi I've rented. It's very helpful and convenient during my visit in 3 countries (Singapore, Malaysia and Batam Indonesia). Will difinetely recommend this to my family and friends in the Philippines! 😁👍

  • Kenniecy 14 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    Happy with this booking. Once you land you are connected to the internet which is very convenient. the battery does not drain out and the daily rental rate is very affordable. This is definitely a good buy .

  • Laureen Anne Luisa 4 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    Was so happy with our experience with this WiFi! Very handy to have around, fast internet, easy to use, and it was such a big help to us because we frequently used it to look for locations and train schedules. Definitely a recommend for all travelers! Thank you so much! Will book again the next time I travel! :)

  • Ma Rosdel 28 Jan 2020
    Highly recommended

    The wifi was very amazing it was very portable to use for searching locations and to communicate with someone outside japan for me it was a very good item to rent specifically for tourists. The connection speed is fast, although there's no power bank with it the batery last more than 9hrs continous of using it. I highly recommend this esp to all the Philippine resident going out of the country you can get it already at the airport before your departure and u can used it already as long as the plane arrived in your destination.

  • Paul Bryan 27 Jan 2020
    Highly recommended

    I highly recommend this device whenever you and your family will be having an out of the country trip. It helps us a lot to have a wifi service wherever we go around Singapore. It helped us upload our photos quickly and on the spot, helped us to locate shops and tourist spots easily and helped us to booked grab cars fast. 😉👍🏻💯 Never a down moment with this device. Make sure to book the “TRUE UNLIMITED 4G” to have a worry free wifi signal. 👌🏻

  • Mary Grace 21 Jan 2020
    Highly recommended

    Easy redemption, hassle free pick up. Deposit was even waived just present two valid ids. We stay connected for the entire duration of our trip. Returning the unit is as easy as 123, just drop it at their booth located in naia 3 bay 8. Thanks Klook.

  • Dennise May 16 Jan 2020
    Highly recommended

    The wifi worked really well in Thailand. I just had problems connecting when we went to Cambodia. The signal was weak and unstable. But in Thailand, everything was great! This is a must when traveling! I was able to send updates to my loved ones back home without problem. And I was able to share my foodtrip experiences right then and there! I’m going to get this again for our upcoming HK trip on August :)

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