Sea Lion Tour with Optional Snorkeling Experience at Jurien Bay

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  • Get up close and personal with Australia's finest sea lions just off the Turquoise Coast of Western Australia
  • Swim with the puppy dogs of the sea and witness the inquisitive, gentle creatures in their natural habitat
  • Set off on a thrilling underwater adventure and feel like a pro snorkeling through the deep blue ocean
  • Venture to Australia's spectacular and unique Underwater Pinnacles, the very few of its kind worth diving in!
  • Be greeted by a professional and knowledgeable local guide to assist you throughout the experience

What to expect

Don't pass up the opportunity of diving in the deepest blue seas of Perth. The rich marine life it holds goes beyond quality eating dermersal fish, vibrant coral reefs, and gorgeous splashes in the underwater world. On this guided tour, witness a rare sighting of the Australian Sea Lions – stunning, endangered, and wonderfully fun creatures to be with. Spend quality time with these intuitive and gentle puppies as they bound towards your boat with their unmistakable excitement upon your arrival. They surely love to play and make friends as soon as the first contact; they won't hesitate inviting you to join them in the waters. Make sure to appreciate their gestures as they show off their spontaneous somersaults, swirls, and twists out of the water! Being with the sea lions is an incredibly life-changing experience as they are given lots of respect by those around them. If you're looking to encounter more sea friends, you can challenge yourself in a thrilling snorkeling activity to see the Underwater Pinnacles of Western Australia that's not only home to sea lions but also dolphins, sea birds, western lobsters, and a huge variety of fish as well.

turquoise safaris perth
Take an interactive adventure towards a sea lion colony and enjoy an offshore experience!
sea lion tour optional snorkeling experience jurien bay perth
Head down to Perth's Jurien Bay for a thrilling underwater adventure!
sea lion tour optional snorkeling experience jurien bay perth
Meet and interact with the gentle puppies of the ocean, the Australian Sea Lions
sea lion tour optional snorkeling experience jurien bay perth
Swim with the lions and observe them in their own natural environment
sea lion tour optional snorkeling experience jurien bay perth
Make friends and play with the dogs of the underwater along the way

Things to note

What To Bring:

  • Swimwear (for the snorkelers)
  • Camera or GoPro
  • Towel (for the snorkelers)
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Warm jacket (in case you get cold after a swim)


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