Seoul K-Pop Dance Class for Beginners by Fanxy Studio

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  • Learn the hottest K-pop dances from a professional English-speaking dancer at the famous Fanxy Studio!
  • Follow step-by-step instructions that even beginner dancers can follow
  • You’ll be able to make your own music video with friends, creating an unforgettable trip in Seoul!
  • Make friends and share the fascinating Korean culture with other K-pop fans from all over the world

What to expect

K-Pop is a musical movement that has swept the entire world—and continues to dominate. In this K-Pop Dance Class for Beginners at Fanxy Studio in Seoul, you'll learn the hottest K-Pop dance from a professional instructor. Fanxy Studio was built by a passionate dance team, made up of people from around the world whose goal is to have hands on experience with K-Pop culture. In this class, the instructor will provide step-by-step instructions that even a beginner can follow, as well as show you how to pose like famous K-Pop idols. The class is fun, energetic, and exciting. It's perfect for children and adults alike, even for non-Korean beginner dancers!

people taking the kpop dance class in fanxy studio
Learn to dance like a K-Pop idol with the help of professional dancers
kpop trainees and dancers in fanxy studio
Dance in Fanxy Studio, which has been used by many K-Pop trainees and professional dancers for years
k-pop beginner dance class group photo
Make your own music videos as you do the dance routines of your favorite Korean artists!
kpop trainees and dancers in fanxy studio
No need to worry if you are a beginner at dancing as each routine will be taught step by step
kpop trainees and dancers in fanxy studio
Experience what its like to be a trainee and meet new people along the way


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