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Lion Forest Garden Admission Ticket in Suzhou

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  • Visit one of the Four Major Classic Suzhou Gardens of China, the Lion Forest Garden
  • Walk through its rocky labyrinth and gaze at the peaks that resemble lions
  • Don’t miss the famous zigzagging bridge, beautiful pavilions, and fragrant lotus ponds
  • Hop over to the nearby Humble Administrator’s Garden, another one of the most famous gardens of Suzhou

What to expect

Visit one of the Four Major Classic Suzhou Gardens of China, the Lion Grove Garden. This garden is especially famous in Suzhou for its beautiful lion-like rock formations, pavilions, and a zigzag bridge, and it was part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. It was built in 1342 by a Buddhist monk to honor his master, who lived on Lion Cliff on Zhejiang's Tianmu Mountain. Take photos of you and your friends in the rocky labyrinth, and cross the pond through a zigzag bridge that leads to different pavilions in the area. The garden has covered corridors that allow you to enjoy the scenery all year round. Perhaps after you visit, head over to the nearby Humble Administrator's garden. This small but pristine attraction is a must-visit for tourists who want the perfect introduction to the gardens of Suzhou.

lion grove garden ticket
The views change at every step, much like traditional Chinese scroll paintings
lion forest garden admission ticket
Take photos of the intricate Lixue Hall; its name came from a Buddhist story about a loyal Zen adherent
lion grove garden admission ticket suzhou
Relax among the garden's bridges, streams, and shady paths winding between the pavilions and ponds
lion grove garden ticket
Admire the beauty of the Zhencui Pavilion or True Delight Pavilion, built in 1762


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