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Phuket Night Food Tour & Old Town's Magical Lights

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  • Soak in the nightlife and explore the evening dining scene of Phuket Old Town!
  • Enjoy specialities like Cumin Fried Fish and Crab Curry in Phuket Old Town's most famous restaurant
  • Taste the city's best Hokkien Mee noodles prepared on a charcoal stove using a traditional and now rare technique
  • Savor delicious fusioned Muslim dishes in an ancient Baba-style house, now a restaurant for your dining pleasure!
  • Experience the romantic atmosphere of Phuket Old Town, beautifully illuminatined against the night sky!
  • Stroll through the night market for hand-made souvenirs and handicrafts, perfect as gifts for friends back home!

What to expect

Phuket Old Town is one of the many gems of Thailand, home to scrumptious food and amazing sights. However, what people don't know is that the beauty of Phuket is especially seen at night through this tour. Start off your evening by being picked up from your hotel by the provided private minivan. Before you delve into the cuisine of Phuket Old Town, visit the Koh Sirey Temple to take pictures or simply admire the gorgeous sunset. From there, you'll wander the illuminated streets of Phuket Old Town and eat delicious Herbed Crab Curry with Wild Betel Leaves, along with Fried Fish with Tumeric. If you haven't stuffed yourself enough, try the tossed Fried Hokkien Noodles at the next stop, a local favorite. Take a break afterwards and sightsee the artistry of the Chino-Portuguese Style Houses, standing tall and of every color in contrast to the night sky. Next, refresh yourself with a glass of cold soy milk and bite in on Chinese Deep Fried Donuts and Pandan Bread. For your last meal, eat as much as you can of rich Massaman Curry with Shrimp, an exemplary savory dish to end the food tour. As a final treat to you, you will be given time to visit the Night Market and buy souvenirs to remember that night even many years after.

Ancient Baba Style House Turn into Restaurant
See the Baba culture and decor while eating traditional Thai food, perfect for pictures and relaxation with friends
Chicken Satay
Have a taste of mouthwatering Chicken Satay, served with a sauce that brings out flavors you would not believe!
Chino-Portuguese Style Houses
Don't forget to snap pictures of the hanging lights and the colorful Chino-Portuguese houses!
Fried Fish with Turmeric (Pla Sai Tod Kaminh)
Munch on crunchy, golden brown Fried Fish, served with turmeric sauce to complement it
Fried Hokkien Noodles (Mee Hokkien) cooked from charcoal stove
Savor freshly cooked Fried Hokkien Noodles, served hot and mixed with fried vegetables


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